Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love-locked girl chained

Macam macam can happen? What has happen to the world this days? Are humans no different from animals?

Love-locked girl chained

Monday, 12 October 2009 10:50
KUCHING – It is a treatment that even animal lovers will not give their pets.
A man from Bandar Baru Semariang, near here, was found to have kept his step-daughter in chains to prevent the 20-year-old woman from meeting her boyfriend.
She somehow managed to free herself and has lodged a police report against her captor here on Saturday.
The woman claimed that her mother and stepfather, a foreign national, had taken her away from the boyfriend’s house at Kampung Rampangi in Santubong and forced her to return to their home in Semariang Friday night.
The couple then shackled her legs with chains to prevent her from leaving the house. The stepfather secured the chains with a padlock.
Freed herself from the clutches
However, the young woman was able to free herself and sneaked out of the house. She then hitched a ride with a motorcyclist, who took her to the boyfriend’s house.
Her 21-year-old boyfriend, a construction worker, then accompanied her to lodge a police report.
The pair had been living together for about a year and were planning to get married.
“I could not believe that her stepfather could resort to such an act, as only animals are chained up,” the boyfriend told reporters.
He said the stepfather had objected to his relationship with his stepdaughter and claimed that the man had assaulted them before.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Form Two student addicted to sex after rape

What is happening to our society these days? Sad isn't it?????? Will expelling the girl from school help her?

Form Two student addicted to sex after rape
A FORM Two student claimed that she became addicted to sex after being raped by a 40-year-old man.
The girl, who only wanted to be known as Roslina, related to Metro Ahad that since the incident, she would have sex with up to eight partners at the same time in the storeroom of her school.
She said she lost her self-esteem after being raped by the man, who was never arrested despite a police report being lodged against him by her family.
“I skipped school, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, and got more and more into sex,” she said in between tears.
She said she became addicted to sex, hence her penchant for having multiple partners at the same time.
According to her, this went on for four months before the school authorities expelled her and the other students who were caught in the act.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Man gets1,000 lashes for boasting about sex

Ha ha ha see who got the last laugh. Some man just their brains between the balls.

Man gets1,000 lashes for boasting about sex

Sunday, 11 October 2009 13:24
JEDDAH - A Saudi court has sentenced a man to five years in jail and 1,000 lashes for boasting about his sexual exploits on television, in a case that has divided public opinion in the conservative Islamic kingdom.
Abdul-Jawad, a divorced father of four, was arrested in August after discussing his premarital sexual encounters, showing off his pick-up techniques and displaying some sex toys and lubricants on a Lebanese TV program.
His comments caused a public outcry in Saudi Arabia, where the religious elite has vast powers over society and religious police enforce the segregation of men and women in public.
Friends also punished
King Abdullah has begun to reform education and the judiciary in recent years, partly to discourage Islamic militancy. But he faces resistance from clerics and conservative princes and analysts say the case gives fresh momentum to some clerics' calls for strict curbs on social freedoms.
Three of Abdul-Jawad's friends who appeared on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) were sentenced to two years in jail and 300 lashes each.
LBC is a popular channel in Saudi Arabia, one of the world's most conservative societies, and many Saudis tune into its Western-style entertainment programs and talk shows.
Used his cellphone to pick up girls
Abdul-Jawad, 32, spoke from his bedroom on an episode of "In Bold Red." He was shown driving his red convertible to a shopping mall where he said he used his mobile phone to pick up girls.
A court official said that, on top of the lashings and jail sentence, Abdul-Jawad's phone and car would be confiscated and he would be banned from traveling after completing his term.
"Dont push! Don't push," a distressed Abdul-Jawad yelled as he struggled in the grasp of two policemen escorting him out of the judge's office in Jeddah Wednesday.
Could have been given death penalty
Lawyers say Abdul-Jawad could have been given the death penalty. Judges, who are clerics of Saudi Arabia's strict Wahhabi school of Islam, have wide powers of discretion.
Abdul-Jawad's brother said it would be difficult for him to be accepted back into society.
"Now he has been fired from his job and after his jail term it won't be possible for him to get a job in government or the private sector because he was charged with a case of moral indecency," said the brother, who asked not to be named