Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

- xin nian kuai le

- nian nian you yu

- ping an fu gui - jie da huan xi

-tian guan ci fu

- jia jia de li

May you all have a blessed year of the Ox.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clog drain cover.

Look at the dead leaves, washed down by rain. Is the local DBKL is sleeping.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

What the heck is this?

What is this? No prizes for the correct guess. Just wonder why some people are plain destructive or plain stupid by putting cigarette in the rubbishbin.

Do cars have tails??

Do you believe it, Kancils have tail??? Sure what what is so funny than an animal has tail? Yes if the 'Kancil' is a car. ha ha ha

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a neighbour? ?????

Update on 13/1/2009. Do you notice the babies clothes on hanger. Do you put a non smoking sign in your house?????

There are some very considerate people trying to make money at the expense of others.

How do you like to have a neighbour as a confinement center. Free babies cries, free confinement food smell, extra rubbish and etc....

These selfish fuckers already have a center in 43, Jalan SS2/3, PJ and looks like their business is very good and so they decide to expand further.

Their style of operation is very discreet.
Not sign board and if you called the telephone number on the advertisement your call will be screened.
The center definitely does not has a licence to operate. Complaints have been made to MBPJ but no actions have been take yet.
I think the customers ie husbands and wives do not known that the confinement center is illegal. Why people are so guilible and do not have common sense.
Do they ask for the relavent documents before paying the center?
Is it possible that the authorities allow business to operate in a residencial area?

Confused and do not know which way to go....

People are very funny... Look at the car in front of me. Looks like he is confused of where to go and stop in the center of the white line while waiting in a traffic light.
Or it is more than funny........
But any way the two lane will onlt allow you to turn right.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Look out for the hole???

Walk at your own risk? Daytime may be okay lah but how about at night??????
Fall in sure break your leg...... or dead

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What the heck is this??

What the heck is this??? Nothing scary?? My son just came back from a game of paint gun and this is the bonus he got for being shot. Hope it will disappear in a few days.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nasi Lemak without sambal???

Two weekend ago, decided to take my family to eat nasi lemak in an outlet called Penang Corner in One Utama. My son and I ordered nasi lemak but my wife ordered Asam laksa. And you know what happened. The dump shop did not even have the courtesy to tell us that they were out of sambal. It was the first time I have eaten nasi lemak without sambal and it is yaky.. I had to call the waiters for at least three times and they just came andwentoff. At last managed to call the manager and being informed that they were out of sambal. When we complained he offered to give us some sambal udang which was very salty.
What a crap customer service this shop provide and we will definitely not go again. Anyway the shop is near the Korean BBQ buffet in One Utama.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Nice walk way or not????

Just look at the walk way in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Notice anything, yes the DBKL chopped of the trees and have not planted with new ones. Why maybe no budget or in tendering process? Who knows?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Clues to the motorist???

Happen to go to Taman Tun today. Just came out the shop wanting to cross the road and notice the sign. Do yo think the motorist will even notice this???

Friday, January 02, 2009

Trap or missing drain cover

Look what has happen? What is somebody fall in? Ha ha

the hospital is just in front you might say but who is going to pay for the bill. MBPJ???? or most likely the victim..... MBPJ please do something before some accident happen.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Customer's service??? if there is any....

This is my experience of customer's service.....

I bought a set of cooking pot from a famous direct selling multinational company two years ago. Recently my wife decided to use the pot. After using one time, she noticed a hairline crack at the lid.So I brought the pot to a Business Center of the company. When I presented the pot to the staff, another staff(I believe a more senior one) came by. He started to make remarks like I have drop the pot and even accused me of using a knife to cut it causing the hairline crack.I was pissed off and asked him whether he wanted to accept the pot and send the pot to the head office or not.He just walk off and let the other staff attending me. I was told that it would take one month to know the result of the warranty claim. After more than one and a half and countless telephone call, the Business center can not give me an answer.So I email to the Head office for an answer. Three days later, I sent a reminder to them and still do not hear anything.I was pissed off and sent a nasty letter to their customer service dept requesting them to sent the pot back to me so that I can use the pot(stainless steel) as flower pot.I recieved a phone call that evening requesting me to collect the "pot" next week with not words of apology or explanation. Just wonder my wife will get a replacement or my 'lucky' flower will be using it? There goes the customers' service a multinational company in Malaysia.

We Chant "Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" For Mum

We Chant "Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" For Mum
2 August 2002
Hi everyone. I know those who come to this page must have close one getting this Aneurysm or yourself. For my case, it is my dearest mum 44yo who have got this Aneurysm. It was on 17/07/02 and my mum was just finishing her supper and was getting ready to have a drink when she suddenly complain of severe headaches. Then she began to vomit and we sensed that something was not right thus we send for an ambulance.
Upon reaching the hospital, the doc at first suspect that my mum got food poisoning but after the headache refuse to go away, they send my mum for ct scan and that confirm that my mum got bleeding in the brain. So they arrange for angiogram the next day and the doc say my mum got to do surgery and cannot coiling cause of the complication of the brain.
My dad, brother and I prayed very hard going to our nearby Soka Association and fellow members also helped pray for my mum. We were at first feeling hopeless but after chanting "Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" for a few hour a day, we feel confident that my mum will defintely recover. We have faith in "Gohonzon".
On the day of the operation, the doc warned us that the Aneurysm may burst on the operation and my mum may just die off on the table... We were so scared and straight away go home and chant after my mum went in to the operation theater.
It was suspose to be a 4 hours operation but it turn out to be about 8 hours... And when my mum came out of the OT, she was wrapped in bandaged on her head and she just lie motionless on the bed. We were so scared that we keep on chanting, chanting. Then the doc came out and told us the situation. He said that one of the Aneurysm actually burst as my mum has a bilobed, B shaped Aneurysm. but he managed to clip it in time. and he told us to hope for the best. Imagine how we feel at that time. Now our only hope is to chant more for my mum. And fellow members also organised chanting session at my house and at the organisation to chant for my mum speedy recovery. We were so touched by their move.
The doc at first told us that my mum may need to be in the ICU for about 14 days for monitoring. We visited her very often sometimes even late at night. And when we reach home we chant for her. This faith in Gohonzon begin to grow on us and we believe my mum will defintely recover from the illness.
In the ICU, the doc say there is hint that my mum got a stroke from the operation as can be observed for the ct scan and also that her left eye cannot open and right side of her body cannot move and also she cannot speak. We never give up and chant "Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" to her ears and chant even more at home.
Seven days passed and the doc transfer my mum to the ICA and 4 days later to the general ward. Now at the general ward, my mum has begin trying to speak. She is also more responsive and what even great is that she also recognised us. She have not lost her memory as what we feared most. Doc say she will need to undergo rehab in the next few days for her stroke.
Every morning, we would chant and visit her and we know that my mum will defintely recover from this illness. What I wanna tell everyone is that no matter what the doc say or what the record suggest, never give up. One must have the faith. For me and my family, we have faith in "Gohonzon" and in our heart we know that my mum will defintely recover fully.
Thanks for reading and please do not give up hope.
Update: 5 Aug 2002
Hi everyone. First I have got to thanks everyone who have send me encouragements. Thank you so much.
Currently my mum is getting better day by day. and she can even smile when we tell her old jokes. And the doc has agree to take mum for rehab so she will be going in within the next few days. Will keep you kind hearted people updated.
I knew my mum will recover from this illness as we have the faith in "Gohonzon" as chanting "nam myo ho ren ge kyo" is like a lion roaring and any difficulties will definitely be overcome if you have the faith. People please do not give up if things don't go your way. You got to be the one controlling the situation and not letting the situation control you. For me, I have faith in "Gohonzon" and chanting "nam myo ho ren ge kyo" keep me going. Quote: "Spur yourself to muster the power of faith, a coward cannot have any of his prayers answered."
thanks for reading and best regards,
Update: 5 Nov 2002
Hi everyone,
My mum has improved tremendously since she is discharged from the hospital. she can walk by herself without any assistance and her left eye has opened. Her left hand has also begin to show some strengths. Overall she has recovered greatly.
I believe this great recovery is due to her will to fight the illness and also through our earnest prayers.
Thanks for all support and we believe that she can recover fully from this illness. Thanks again.
Update: 09 Mar 2004
Hi everyone, I would like to thanks everyone who had prayed for my Mum. My Mum has got better and is improving day by day. Though not at a very fast pace but she is trying her very best. Now, she is able to walk, take stairs all by herself without us assisting. We stay in the 3rd level of our flat. And good thing is she is very pro active herself. If there is an opportunity to go out, she will happily follow us out. She also has a very good appetite. I think after being discharged, she has gain quite a few kgs which I hope she will slowly lose them out.
My father are taking great care of her and giving her excercises to do. Doing massage for her and foot massage for her with the electric foot reflectory. We have tried many type of treatments for her such as Chinese physcian, acupuncture, physiotherapy and are still looking for ways which can help her. She can even speak her name, address and other simple word. She really try.
I really admire my Mum who is one who never give up. Though she is in this situation, she is still a happy go lucky lady just like before. She dance to the music as well. This is one of the exercise she do to lossen out her stiffness of her right hand. We are confident that she will recover fully because our whole family is chanting "nam myo ho ren ge kyo"
Those who read this, Please do not give up hope on anything. Always look on the positive side and things will definetly go your way.
Thanks again everyone.
Best wishes