Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Potential income of more than $1.7 billions from summones?

The gomen has the potential income of $1.7 billion (assuming the fines average $100.00 each) from polices summones.

This is a lot money.

Those who have not paid remaining 17mil summonses to face the music
KUALA LUMPUR: Despite a six-month grace period to settle their summonses with a 50% discount, 17.3 million summonses remain unpaid.
The affected traffic offenders will now be blacklisted and they must pay the full amount of their fines to be removed from the list.
More than 60% of summonses issued were for speeding offences, Federal Traffic Chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof said.
Since 2000, almost 49.4 million summonses were issued for various traffic offences. As of Monday, 65% (31.9 million) summonses were settled.
(The 50% discount for traffic summonses announced by the Government in August last year ended on Monday.)
He said police received payment for 5.5 million summonses throughout the country during the discount period.
He, however, refused to reveal the total amount collected.
It is learnt that the Transport Ministry would soon announce the total sum collected.
Effective yesterday, traffic offenders who failed to settle their summonses within two months of the date of issue would be automatically blacklisted.
Even those with summonses which previously did not warrant a blacklist will now be automatically blacklisted if they are not paid up within 60 days.
“Menial offences such as parking haphazardly would also be subjected to an automatic blacklist following the new guidelines,” SAC Abdul Aziz told a press conference in Bukit Aman yesterday.
However, traffic offenders will have an opportunity to enjoy a discount if they pay up their summonses within one month.
The payment period is divided into three stages – the first is from Day One of the offence to the 15th day; from Day 16-30, and the final time frame from the 31st day to the 60th day.
For offences involving bad driving habits which could cause accidents, a motorist will be fined RM150 if he pays within the first 15 days; RM200 (16 to 30 days) and RM300 (31 to 60 days) respectively.
For small capacity motorcycles, the fines are RM100, RM150 and RM250 respectively.
The amount will be multiplied if offences are committed three times or more within two months.
There will be no reduction in fines for serious offences which cause accidents and deaths.
SAC Abdul Aziz voiced his frustration with traffic offenders who blamed police for not being able to settle their summonses online and or at police stations due to heavy traffic.
He said road users should have been more responsible and pay up early.
“The Government had given the public ample time to settle their summonses with a discount, yet they failed to make full use of the opportunity,” he added.
To accommodate the heavy traffic on Monday, the police even extended the operation time at the traffic counters nationwide until mid-night.
In GEORGE TOWN, police collected a staggering RM1.1mil in traffic fines on the last day of the 50% discount offer period.
State Police Traffic Operations chief Deputy Supt Abdul Rahim Md Din said the amount accounted for over 18% of the total collection of RM6.1mil last month.
The RM1.1mil collected, he said, was an all-time high for a single day for the Penang traffic division.The previous best was RM500,000.
He said the RM6.1mil collected was paid for 73,620 summonses while the RM1.1mil involved 12,817 summonses.
On Monday, thousands of traffic offenders had to endure a long wait at post offices and police stations in order to make a last-minute effort to settle their summonses.
In PETALING JAYA, Road Transport Department director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said 52,919 summonses were paid at midnight yesterday.

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