Sunday, January 02, 2011

Golf Genie

One Sunday afternoon, a lady was playing golf. Suddenly she hooked a golf ball so hard it went sailing over everyones heads, and landed in the bushes. The lady walked over to get it, a moving through the bushes she found the golf ball. Next to the ball was a shiney little lamp. She couldn't see the golf ball or the lamp because of the thick bushes so she grabbed the lamp and pulled it out. Realising she had grabbed a lamp instead she again reached back in and this time pulled the golf ball out. Having no place else to put it, she stuck the lamp in her golf bag.

After the round of golf she sat in her car, looking at the shiney little lamp. She rubbed it for no apparent reason and, poof, a genie came out. Startled, the woman asked the genie what it was. "I am the genie from the lamp, I've been asleep for 10,000 years and as a reward for awakining me I will grant you 3 wishes, the only catch is whatever you wish for yourself your husband will get 10 times more than you."

The woman nods and says. "Thats ok, whatevers mine is my husbands and vice versa." She thinks for a while, first saying"I wish to have 5 million dollars." "Poof you have 5 million dollars but your husband has 50 million dollars." replies genie replies twirling his fingers. "Thats ok whatevers mine is his, so I wish to be the most beautiful woman in the world." She said. "Poof you are the most beautiful woman in the world but your husband is the most beautiful man in the world." The woman nods and says "Thats ok whatevers mine is his"

Suddenly she blurts out: "I wish to have a mild heart attack." "Poof you will have a mild heart attack but your husband will get 10 times more of one." The genie says. "Thats ok" says the woman "whats his is mine ".

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