Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bringing your Pets For Holiday?????

Ha ha ha ...... Just see how innovative BolehLand's minister is. Issuing passports for pets? Ha ha ha ...
Don't the minister know that passports are for those who want to travel oversea.
Fancy bring your pet for holiday? In BolehLand it is now possible. The BolehLand government is going to issue passport for all pets. If  you have a frog, a cat, a snake, a spider or a lizard, now you can bring your pet for holiday? Isn't it wonderful? Ha ha ha ha .......
This proposal is from the PrawnMan minister. Ha ha ha ha ha ...
  • Bernama
  • 5:24PM Nov 6, 2012
Malaysia may make it compulsory for owners of pets to have a passport for the animals, Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Noh Omar said today.

He said the document would provide for a complete data collection of pets, help contain viral diseases and assist in tracking down missing pets, among others.

“We would discuss this initiative with local authorities and responsible bodies before the Animal Welfare Bill is tabled in Parliament, possibly next year,” he told reporters after opening the World Organisation for Animal Health’s (OIE) 3rd Global Conference on Animal Welfare in Kuala Lumpur.

Noh said that currently pet owners in the country could obtain the pet passport on a voluntary basis, from veterinary hospitals and registered private veterinary clinics.

At today’s event, Noh also launched the National Animal Welfare Strategic Plan 2012-2020 which, among others, aims to ensure that the welfare of animals in the country was in line with the law and regulations.

The comprehensive guidelines include strategic approaches towards moulding a caring society that is concerned about the welfare of animals.

Noh said that the ministry was keen that the plan be emulated by countries attending the two-day conference. About 400 people from 70 countries across the globe are taking part in the event.

In another development, he said the ministry was ready to face the flood season, with the necessary measures having been put in place.

“Compensation for crops damaged or destroyed by the floods will be handled by the National Security Council. At the ministry, we collect information on those affected,” he said.

- Bernama

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