Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Articles By Sakmongkol AK47

Government of mobs, by mobs and for mobs

Malays will do better if they abandon UMNO. This isn’t UMNO of the early years before Mahathir came. Mahathir described UMNO correctly when he says; UMNO is full of leaders who are interested in feathering their own nest and that of family and friends. It’s not like Malays are going to drop dead when they stop supporting UMNO.
The first thing they must do is to shake off that mental bondage. It’s liberating.
Malays take up the top posts in the country. That’s already provided for in the constitution. Your numerical strength will ensure that anyway. In states where Malays are majority, your position is guaranteed. But in places where you are a minority, such as in Sabah and Sarawak, why should Malays insist they must be top leaders? The majority in Sarawak are the ibans and dayaks and since they are also bumiputeras, top leadership in that state should be given to them. In Sabah, if the non-Malay bumi are in the majority they deserve to helm the state.
But where does it say, these leaders must come from UMNO or that Malays are prevented from choosing the more talented Malays? The Malays in UMNO for example- why must their choice be limited to just Najib, Muhyidin or the current crop of top leadership? UMNO is an important political factor in the country indeed. But Malays need not tie their destiny with UMNO. It’s just another political party whose quality is as good as the quality of its leadership.
Why should Malays place their future and destiny with a party, which Dr Mahathir described as being full of half past six leaders? We have a home minister who hasn’t cleared himself from a case of assault. We have a minister who is appointed despite being identified as the key Mr Fix It by the RCI on Judicial appointments. We also have a former CEO of Maybank crowing about taking Malaysia to new heights despite not making good his promise to unravel the corruption scandal of Alcatel and Telekom Malaysia. We have crooks and thieves as members of the cabinet.
And so, we must congratulate our Optimus Prime Minister for his bizarre choice of autobot ministers. Now his minions are shouting let there be no contest for the top leadership posts. What they are really shouting for is, let’s keep Najib. In other words, let us retain the mob-like character of the party by keeping on the chief mob and the other lesser dons. If crooks and thieves hold important posts in Najib’s government, then his government is a government of mobs, by mobs and for mobs.
The latest to join the ignominious band of vengeful and repressive UMNO leadership is Muhyidin Yassin. He is deputy UMNO president and the deputy PM. He says that BN will give preference to those who support UMNO and BN.
There is an old Malay saying, bapa borek, anak rintek, father spotted, the son speckled which loosely translates into as is the father so is the son. As the father urinates while standing, so the son urinates while running. The bad behavior of the leaders is soon replicated by the follower.
Now we know why village headmen appointed by UMNO helped out UMNO supporters only. They share the same bad habits and traits as the leaders. In giving out the statement, Muhyidin is behaving like an ill-mannered pengerusi JKKK. All this while, we thought only Najib behaves like one. The entire cabinet is infected!
In Raub, village headmen appointed by UMNO are refusing to render assistance to those they think did not support them in the last elections. May we remind these village headmen, their duty is to help and offer service to ALL village inhabitants irrespective of political affiliations? If they don’t understand this basic responsibility, it is better for them to resign their posts. They get paid from taxpayers’ money without regard to political affiliations; they must reciprocate by carrying out their duties without regard to the same. Otherwise, let the government collect taxes from UMNO people only.
Likewise if Muhyidin does not understand this basic responsibility towards ALL Malaysians, maybe he is fit to lead UMNO but never this country.
People like Najib, Muhyidin and the others who shout the loudest and hence got themselves elevated to the status of natural leaders, have turned UMNO into a party of a mob. These are the people who give life to UMNO by behaving like the irrational, childlike, violent sounding organisms deriving their energy from the group. They create chaos, mayhem and images of destruction to allow their leaders climb or cling to power.
The characteristics of a mob party are twisting the truth, inciting passions, demonizing opponents and relying on its media industrial complex to foist propaganda upon us in place of ideas.
That is why, UMNO appeals only to the mob-minded people outside its own organisation. UMNO appeals to the least-informed whose daily information diet comes from Utusan Malaysia, TV3 and so forth. The supporters of UMNO are easily identifiable- welfare recipients, government workers who can never be laid off, actors and actresses, the soccer crowds, head-up-their-asses billionaires who run full page advertisements, over-paid bankers earning RM400k to RM 1,2 million a month.
UMNO has given up attracting votes from the informed crowd. UMNO knows it’s easier to get support by frightening people and promising earth and heavens or at least saying, we honour our promises

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