Tuesday, June 04, 2013

An Interesting Article From Sakmongkol

The Coming Clash of Class

To answer the other side, as to why I continue to write about UMNO this and that, the answer is- It’s because I can. UMNO can self-destruct if it chooses to and that will not be a skin off my nose. It only bothers me when UMNO thinks it continues to speak for Malays as a whole. UMNO has no capacity and standing to do such a thing.
The majority of Malays rejected them. The fact stays that way despite all the fanciful regression and statistical analyses one can muster. UMNO remains in power simply because of gerrymandering and its success in fabricating lies and fear.
I will say this again. UMNO got 3.2 million votes. I am being charitable by saying that 85% of those came from Malay voters. That would be 2.72 million Malay votes. How many Malay voters came out on the 5th of May? 70% of the 11.2 million because they wanted to defend UMNO and the Malay government at all cost? That would give us a figure of 7.84 million. If UMNO got 2.72 million, that means more Malays did not vote for UMNO.
We are indeed moving on beyond GE13. That is why we must continue to expose BN’s hypocrisy, deceit and outright lies to the people. Our agenda isn’t finished until this corrupt government is finished off. BN won because it is corrupt and contemptible. A corrupt regime will use anything legal and illegal to stay on in power.
Each corrupt element at each level of BN organisational structure will dig in to protect its own turf. Otherwise the whole game is given away-that BN has its every finger in the kitty and robbing Malaysia to the bone. Corruption has already become a cultural thing. Each BN politician is wired up that way. Each UMNO operative right up to their minions at the village level.
We will continue to expose the hypocrisy of UMNO which is claiming, it is the vanguard which protects, king, religion, race and country. Not in that order of course. It rearranges its priorities. UMNO was once at the forefront in the assault against the Malay monarchy. Now, it is playing the role of a pit-bull body-guarding the Malay Monarchy because such a stand is of strategic importance.
In an earlier article, I have illustrated the fallacy of UMNO’s success by using a common denominator- i.e. the total number of votes won over the number of seats each party actually won. If we had used uncommon denominators like the number of votes won over the number of seats each party contested (i.e. including seats each lost), the success claimed by UMNO will even be hollower.
So in order to disguise and hide its own shortcomings especially of the abject failure of the UMNO president, BN blamed the Chinese. BN should be asking, what have they done or not done, which made the Malaysian Chinese reject them? BN hasn’t given them a trustworthy and honest government. The Chinese fortunately recognises this. The Malays unfortunately have not.
The Chinese as a result of their economic independence have been able to exercise freedom of choice; The Malays because of their dependent mentality have been mentally enslaved. It’s easy to manufacture and fabricate the perception and fallacy that continued Malay deprivation is the result of an increasingly independent and rapacious Malaysian Chinese population.
Where is that clash that will eventually destroy UMNO coming from? It will come from the burgeoning downtrodden masses of Malays- the urban and rural poor, hemmed in and flattened by all sorts of injustices and economic deprivations.
The clash between Malays and Chinese is a myth. Such a scenario is illogical. The Chinese form 24% of Malaysia’s population. The Malays 65% of the population. The civil service is almost entirely Malay. The army and the police, legal owners of the instruments of suppression are also dominated by the Malays. The important pillars of governance, the civil service, ministerial positions and the respective ministries, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary are all dominated by Malays. Village organizations are permeated by Malay institutions. We have the various village development and welfare committees and we have the indoctrinating army of KEMAS employees programming the Malay Mind. The monarchy is of course wholly Malay.
So how can the Chinese rebel against such a formidable fortress of institutionalised controlling agents of social regimentation and conformity? They simply can’t.
The coming clash will not be between a Malay dominated government and the what else do the Chinese want community; rather the coming clash will be between the unholy partnership of the Malay pseudo aristocrats and the Malay bourgeoisie with the burgeoning class of marginalised and disillusioned Malays. It will be clash between feudalistic UMNO more interested in preserving an aristocratic way of life and the Malay ‘proletariat’ bursting at the seams with notions of every kind of imaginable social injustices. Injustices that have been inflicted on them by the feudalistic and aristocratic UMNO.

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