Monday, November 15, 2010

One of a kind parents

Some parents are one of a kind. Have they thought who will lose out later, their children who do not go to schools because of their sillyness.

If you are the the canteen operator, would you sell food when there is little demand for it?

Parents boycott school over canteen issue
Makkal Osai reported that parents have decided not to send their children studying in SJK (T) St Mary located within the Vision School complex in Parit Buntar to school after their request for a separate canteen was not entertained.
Parents said they had decided to take this drastic action after six years of struggle. They said that Tamil school pupils and teachers were finding it difficult to get vegetarian and Indian food.
They forwarded their request for a separate canteen to the Perak Education Department through the Parent-Teacher Association and also held a demonstration in front of the school on Sept 2.
Parents said that they were told that a separate canteen was against the Vision School policy.
Parents argued that other Vision Schools in USJ, Selangor and Bendut, Perak have separate canteens which were approved by the education department but their request was rejected.
They said that their children will only return to school once a separate canteen was allowed.

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