Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where is the logic?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Only locals do not want to get their hands dirty????

Foreign workers willing to? Funny isn't it?

How about working in a restaurant? Local also scare of dirty????

Where is the logic?

Locals don’t want to get their hands dirty
SUBANG JAYA: Foreign farm workers are necessary for the survival of the farming sector as locals are unwilling to take up such jobs.
Federation of Livestock Farmers Association Malaysia vice-president Lee Lee Kong said that this was because Malaysians are very choosy.
“They only want to work in comfortable environments,” Lee said.
He added that 70% of his farm workers happen to be foreigners from India, Bangladesh and Myanmar as locals refuse to take up such menial jobs.
“They (foreigners) are willing to stay in the farms and are very hardworking.
I have to admit, these jobs are very tough and you have to get your hands dirty,” said Lee.
He added that the proposal to reduce the number of foreign workers in Malaysia will have a great impact on the livestock sector.
Lee noted that farm workers are in fact paid higher wages than those working in factories.
“They (locals) still prefer to work in factories which are in urban centres compared to farms located in remote areas,” said Lee at the Alltech Draw My Farm Carnival award ceremony yesterday.
The government has been actively encouraging the development of the agricultural sector and promotion of food security, noted Lee.
“We hope more young people will venture into this industry,” he added.
Alltech general manager Dr Richard Chong said that young people entering the industry will have a very exciting future.
“There are lots of technological challenges in this industry.
“We need young entrepreneurs to develop new techniques,” said Dr Chong.

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