Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A businessman traveled to Japan to meet and play golf with
a few Japanese business associates.  Having nothing to do
the night before his game, he decided to solicit the services
of a prostitute.

Later, when they were in the throes of passion, she suddenly
screamed out "Kawasaki!" Not knowing the translation, he
figured it meant he was performing exceptionally well,
and so he kept going.

Again she screamed, "Kawasaki!  Kawasaki!" And again, he
smiled proudly at this congratulation and continued.

Finally, she shrieked "KAWASAKI!" a third time, jumped out
of bed and ran from the room. "Must have been too good for
her!" he thought to  himself, and went to sleep contented
with himself.

The next day, while in the middle of his round of golf, one
of his Japanese associates hit a perfect 6-iron off the tee
right into the cup for a hole-in-one!  Remembering his
new word and wanting to impress his associates with his
linguistic proficiency, the man yelled out "Kawasaki!"

Perplexed, the Japanese golfer turned to him and asked,
"What do you  mean, wrong hole?"

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