Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woh........ What a genuis? Name of Illegal Gangs Revealed......

How about catching them and put them in jail???????????

Names of 49 illegal gangs revealed (Updated)

Home Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi with the list of the 49 gangs declared illegal, at a press conference at the ministry in Putrajaya on Aug 29, 2013. BERNAMA
PUTRAJAYA (Aug 29, 2013): A total of 49 societies have been gazetted by the Home Ministry as being illegal and involved in organised crime.
The 49 societies includes Gang 04 and Gang 08 which boasts of 5,440 and 4,423-members respectively.
"These secret societies are illegal organisations that conduct activities which threaten public safety, like drug distribution, extortion, fights between secret societies, and murders using firearms or bladed weapons," said Home Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi.
Responding to questions on the racial breakdown of the 40,313 registered gang members, Abdul Rahim said Indians accounted for 28,926, Chinese - 8,214, Malays - 1,293 while 921 were from Sarawak and another 329 from Sabah.
Speaking at a press conference at the Home Ministry here today, he said members of these gangs were also operating as bouncers, car repossession contractors and car park attendants.
Abdul Rahim said the secret societies had been gazetted as illegal societies on Aug 28 under Section 5(1) of the Societies Act 1966.
He said under Section 5(1) of the Societies Act:
> individuals may not be registered as members of such a society,
> all accounts, assets and property belonging to the secret society will be handed over to the Malaysian Insolvency Department, and
> no one may hold any post, conduct work as a member, allow a meeting in any building, collect fees, assist or act for members of an illegal society.
"Those responsible for conducting any secret society activities will be investigated and prosecuted," said Abdul Rahim.
He added that the government would use the Societies Act to seize all assets and property identified as belonging to these societies.
"The Home Ministry and its agencies, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Registrar of Societies, and the Anti-Drug agencies will intensify its efforts to combat the activities of these illegal societies to protect the public," said Abdul Rahim.
Asked what action would be taken on these 49 illegal societies following from yesterday's announcement, Abdul Rahim said current action by law enforcement authorities would continue.
"I think the public feels the intensity of current enforcement activities. We are also working with other government bodies like the Companies Commission and non-governmental organisations," added Abdul Rahim.
He urged the public to actively help the authorities in their efforts to stamp out organised crime and secret societies.

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