Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rather Big

In room 904 was a newlywed couple who had never had sex, indeed had never seen each other nude. As they undressed, he complimented her on her large breasts. She, who had always been embarrassed about them, became distraught. She sent him, blanket in hand, to spend the night in the hall. He was upset, but, not wishing to further upset their wedding night, did as he was told.

As he tried to make himself comfortable on the floor, another young man came out of room 905, spread out his blanket and joined him.

"Why are you out here?" he asked. The second man replied that he was on his wedding night, had never seen his wife naked either, and he had complimented her on her rather large ass. She, too, was distraught, and had ordered him to sleep in the hall. Just as he finished his tale, the door to room 907 opened and out walked bridegroom number three.

"So? Did you put your foot in it as well?" they asked.

"No," replied the third, "but I could have!"

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