Friday, May 20, 2011

Random facts

Random facts are great conversation starters. They can excite you, enlighten you, tickle your funny bone and amuse you as well. Trust random facts to bring a happy and positive expression on your face. There are countless numbers of random facts and knowing them will take a long time. Random facts can make us aware of some hidden gems. They will allow us a glimpse of some of most fascinating subjects.

Some interesting random facts !

- Leonardo da Vinci is supposed to have invented scissors.

- A camel is supposed to last longer without water but Rat can last even longer without it.

- Those who love ice-cream should know that Eskimo Pie is the first chocolate-covered ice cream bar and it was invented in Onawa, Iowa, USA in 1921.

- The world’s smallest island country is Nauru.

- The largest producer of gold is South Africa.

- The largest bell in the world is the Emperor Bell in Moscow, Russia. It is 20 ft or1 m tall.

- Do you know what is the name given to that little dot over “i”? It’s known as “tittle”.

- There are only few words in dictionary that don’t rhyme with any other words. These are orange, silver and purple.

- Mount Rushmore is perhaps the most impressive rock formation carved by men. It was made by Gutzon Borglum and took just 14 years to carve it.

- The famous Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

- Like retina and finger print, every individual also has a unique tongue print.

- There are no less than 717 native languages in a small country known as Papua New Guinea.

- This must be exciting for hummingbirds as they can fly backward as well.

- ENIAC was the name of world’s first electronic computer. It was produced in 1946 and its size was humungous.

- Every Year a staggering number of 50 millions bicycles are produced.

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