PARLIAMENT BN MPs were left red-faced in Parliament today when their colleague Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) openly declared that they demanded contracts from the government and anyone who did not do so were cowards.

He was responding to Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) who had complained about the lack of transparency in the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) under the Prime Minister's Department when debating the Supplementary Supply Bill.

"If it is a matter of development for the rakyat, we would support it but the question is there is abuse of power where the prime minister has absolute power over the ICU.

NONE"There is no open tender and no transparency in the planning, the prime minister has full power to decide which contract goes to which Umno division leader, (and) this has to be stopped," Azmin (left) had said.

At this, Bung stood up to say that open tenders were indeed being done but lamented that because of this, he could not get the contracts that he demanded.

"I think Gombak has left Umno for a long time and he does not know about the developments (in the party). We are also upset with the leaders because when we ask (for contracts), we do not get them.

"Everything is via open tenders now, it shows the government's transparency in moving towards open tenders. Gombak does not know of these changes," he said.

An amused Azmin then replied: "I thank Kinabatangan for verifying for us that Umno division leaders do indeed ask for contracts".

NONERealising his mistake, Bung lashed out at Azmin: "In PKR it's the same, they also ask (for contracts). If they do not ask, they are cowards."

He then alluded to an opposition Perak MP whom he claimed also received land in Pakatan Rakyat-held Kelantan.

Bung was referring to Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham (right), who had denied receiving any lands from the Kelantan government in exchange for support, stating that it was a legitimate business deal in a company he was involved in.