Another BN partner is up in arms over the low intake of varsity students from the minority community.

This time it's the MCA lamenting over the declining number of Chinese Malaysian students granted places in public universities.

"Although the intake of students in public universities had increased this year compared to last year, the successful Chinese Malaysian applicants only formed 19 percent which was much lower than about 23 per cent in previous years," said MCA president Chua Soi Lek in a statement yesterday.

Describing this as "totally unacceptable", Chua pointed out that of the 41,573 enrolments this year, only 7,913 were Chinese Malaysian students compared to last year where they made up of 8,986 of a total enrolment of 38,549 and 9,457 of a total enrolment of 41,267 in 2011.

"As the student intake increases, Chinese Malaysians gaining entry seems to be declining. This is utterly a gross deprivation for Chinese Malaysian students and it raises many questions on the selection criteria.

"MCA is doubtful that meritocracy was the basis for the selection process and wants a more transparent process to be adopted," he said.

‘Brain drain'

Chua said deprivation of qualified students was a "great injustice" to the education policy and that the country can only blame itself for the brain drain.

He added that Chinese Malaysian students gaining entry to courses of their choice had also been on the decline in the last three years.

"I will bring up these two issues to Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who is also the education minister.

"Although MCA has no representation in the cabinet, it will not shirk its responsibility of defending the interests and welfare of the Chinese Malaysians," he said.

Chua advised that qualified applicants who did not get a place in public universities to contact the MCA president's office or MCA Youth's education bureau.

MIC today had also complained of the low public university intake of Indian Malaysians, urging Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to uphold his message of "nambikei" (trust) to the Indian community.