Penang Umno has hit out at the state government’s move to appoint coordinators for constituencies won by BN.

State opposition leader Jahara Hamid said the appointments are “political” as BN assemblypersons have been always servicing the people in their constituencies for years.

“They said it is to service the people and we wonder if they have any other reason for hiring the coordinators,” she said.

NONEJahara (right) added that the BN representatives were willing to cooperate with the state government when helping the rakyat, refuting Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s claim that they had refused to help his administration.

She said the assemblypersons have been doing the registration for the state’s annual cash award for senior citizens and single mothers.

“We do it because they do not come to our areas to do the registration,” Jahara alleged.

Jahara said the opposition would not be challenging the state on this issue as it had the right to hire the coordinators.

“However, we want the state government to rethink if it is doing the right thing, if the reason is just to service the people, then it is unnecessary spending,” she added.

“There are civil servants, village development and security committee members and district officers to help the people as well,” she said.

Yesterday, Lim issued appointment letters to 10 coordinators.

Lim said their duties include providing service and welfare to the people as the BN assemblypersons do not cooperate with his administration.

He added that the state has offered the BN representatives posts in state committees but they have rejected them.

‘Our job is to monitor’

On why BN leaders were rejecting the state’s invitation to participate in the state committees, Jahara said, “It is their work, our job is to monitor.”

“If we are in the committees, we cannot work well as the opposition, we cannot speak and it is a ploy to cover our mouths,” she added.

“We also cannot speak in the House if we are part of the committees, we do not want to fall into their games,” she added.

Pinang Tunggal assemblyperson Roslan Saidin said that BN has governed the state in the past and the DAP has been in the opposition then.

“We, too, had invited them to be in state committees but they did not cooperate at that time,” said Roslan.

“So why are they bringing up the issue now?” Roslan asked.