A Penang Umno assemblyperson felt the full wrath of his Pakatan Rakyat opponents when he claimed in the state legislative assembly that ‘Chinese doctors are not treating Malay patients fairly’.

NONERoslan Saidin (BN-Pinang Tunggal, right) specifically alleged that three Chinese doctors in Seberang Jaya and Kepala Batas had refused to treat Malay patients.
He was referring to complaints brought to him about two doctors in the Kepala Batas Hospital and one in Seberang Jaya Hospital.

"For example, a Malay patient went to seek treatment for a bone fracture at the Seberang Jaya Hospital and the Chinese doctor said he could not treat him," he alleged during the proceedings today.

Roslan raised the issue when correlating the "Chinese Tsunami" to the outcome of the May 5 general election, and explaining the relationship between the different communities in Penang.
Chinese Malaysians who had largely voted for Pakatan, had been taken in by its lies, including those churned out by its cybertroopers, he said.

He noted that he too had suffered a drop in votes compared to the 2004 election, when the Chinese Malaysian community had backed the BN.

NONEHe said this when allowed to interject during the debate by RSN Rayer (DAP-Seri Delima, left) on the motion of thanks on the governor's speech.

Rayer grew visibly angry with the "unfounded" allegation, shouting that Roslan is a "racist" to have accused Chinese doctors of this.

"Pinang Tunggal has shown the real mentality of the Umno assemblypersons - they are all racists. Aren’t you ashamed to be accusing the Chinese?" he said, raising his voice.

Rayer urged Roslan to provide the evidence to back his allegations by today.

Dr Afif Bahardin (PKR-Seberang Jaya) also stood up to demand proof.

"These accusations are being made about civil servants in public hospitals. Give us the names of the doctors and we will take up this issue," he said.

"These accusations are serious as these doctors have been recruited by the federal government, so please give us their names.”

To this, Roslan said: "Pakatan Youth leaders are great. I will give you the names.”

He also warned that he would take Afif to task if no action is taken, since the latter heads the state health portfolio.

However, Afif retorted that the correct person would be the BN’s member of parliament for Balik Pulau (Dr Hilmi Yahya), as he is the deputy health minister.

Warning to reps

Rayer, in picking up the debate, kept Roslan under fire.

NONERoslan, in turn, pleaded with speaker Law Choo Kiang (left) to advise Rayer "not to continue clucking like a chicken".

Laughter broke out in the House, followed by a shouting match as Rayer pursued Roslan over his claims.

Finally, the speaker intervened to remind the elected representatives to behave themselves.

Law (left) warned that he would not hesitate to take action against those who failed to comply with the House regulations.

"Those who want to create history with this new speaker in the first session of the first term of the state assembly is welcome to do so," he said.

"Even if you wish to ask questions, please follow the House rules and regulations. You may analyse the general election results but don't overdo it.”

Law then asked Rayer for cooperation and expressed the hope that there would be no more disruptions to the debate.